Self-Help for the Elderly -- Helping Seniors Help Themselves Since 1966

Established in 1972, Self-Help for the Elderly provides training and employment for the graduates of the Housekeeping program. Individuals and businesses may hire housekeepers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and/or for a one-time comprehensive cleaning.


601 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94109map
(415) 677-7618

Cleaning services

  • General cleaning
    • Clean windows and mirrors
    • Dust furnitures
    • Empty waste baskets and garbage cans
    • Ironing
    • Vacuum couch, curtains, drapes, easy chairs, floor, rug, walls
    • Wash, mop and wax floor
    • Wash soiled sheets, clothes, towels in washing machine, dry in dryer and fold
  • Bedroom
    • Change sheets and pillow cases
    • Make bed
  • Bathroom
    • Clean counter top and basin
    • Clean inside windows, mirror and towel racks
    • Clean toilet bowl
    • Sweep and wash bathroom floor
  • Kitchen
    • Clean inside of refrigerator
    • Clean kitchen sink, table and counter top
    • Clean kitchen walls and inside windows
    • Clean oven
    • Clean top and outside of refrigerator
    • Clean top and outside of stove
    • Rinse dishes and then wash in dishwasher
    • Sweep and wash kitchen floor
    • Wash dishes by hand

About our workers

  • Covered by Worker's Compensation and Payroll Taxes
  • Supervised by full-time job counselors whom you may contact
  • Certified after 180 hours of training
  • Reliable and Thorough
  • And you will be assigned the same worker each time


  • Weekly or Bi-weekly regular services*
    (required a minimum of 4 hours of service per visit)
    San Francisco$19.00/hr$76.00 minimum charge
  • Temporary one-time services*
    (required a minimum of 4 hours of service per visit)
    San Francisco$23.00/hr$92.00 minimum charge
*Prices are subject to change.