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We strive to satisfy all of our cleaning clientele and improve the lives of our seniors. If you have had an experience with Self-Help for the Elderly, we would love to hear about it. Please leave us a review or add a testimonial below.


“Excellent service, right from the start. The agency answered the phone on my first call, took my request, and had an informed case manager call me back within the hour. She took additional information to match my needs. On the appointed day, the selected housekeeper and case manager arrived at my door within a minute of the appointed time. We spent an hour going over my requests. Both even offered some helpful cleaning suggestions. After the case manager left, the housekeeper spent six solid hours cleaning the house. I was VERY impressed with her work. When I ran my finger over every shelf, counter, and object she cleaned, I found no dust. She did a superb job. Although I was concerned about language translation initially, the housekeeper and I did well together and the case manager left me the agency number and her personal number for any additional translation needs. I've found my agency!”
Judith O.
“House is cleaned from top to bottom using my instructions and supplies. Member Comments: The housekeeper comes weekly. She is always on time. She is very thorough. I am very satisfied with her service.”
Andrea W.
“I've been using Self-Help for about 7 years with 3 different cleaners. They have all done a fantastic job cleaning our apartment for a reasonable rate. The people who work in the central office are also very nice to deal with. This is a wonderful organization and well worth supporting with your housekeeping needs!”
Liz M.
“I feel lucky in having the two ladies from Self-Help to do the full Home Health Care & Cleaning for my elderly Mom. One works 3 - 4 weekdays, the other on weekends only. Taking care of an elderly family member is time-consuming and stressful; therefore, to have the help and some much needed time off is important. The Self-Help staff gives me and other family members that time. Their primary job is to give daily basic care to my Mom. Besides cooking the meals in the flavors my Mom is use to, they understand and speak the same village dialect, thereby giving her a sense of personal companionship. The Self-Help caregivers also do cleaning throughout the house when time permits. We're very happy with their work and flexible schedule. They have almost become members of our family. I know they're doing a good job... When they leave at the end of the day; My Mom is a little disappointed and ask if they will be back the next day.”
Edward H