Self-Help for the Elderly Banner showing Elder people reading and enjoying company with their grandkids

We have been providing strength, hope, and empowerment to seniors since 1966. We love working with seniors throughout the community. However, we cannot do everything we do without donations from our supporters. Without our generous donors, Self-Help for the Elderly would not be able to put on all of our events, provide elder care services, or fund senior housing. We strive to improve the lives of these seniors who are in need of our services. Anything that you are willing to give will help.

Self-Help for the Elderly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is tax-exempt from all earnings.To support Self-Help for the Elderly, donate today. Stop by today or send us a check in the mail. We thank you for your gracious donations!

Our federal tax identification number: 94-1750717