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Below is some general information about Noe Valley:

Noe Valley is a neighborhood in the central part of San Francisco, California.

Its borders are generally considered to be 22nd Street to the north, Randall Street to the south, Dolores Street to the east, and Grand View Avenue to the west. These borders are informal, nothing more, and continue to expand, thanks to real estate agents. The Castro (Eureka Valley) is directly to Noe Valley’s north, although the border is not well defined and can stretch into Noe Valley, and The Mission is to its east.

The neighborhood is named after Jose de Jesus Noe, the last Mexican alcalde (mayor) of Yerba Buena (present day San Francisco), who owned what is now Noe Valley as part of his Rancho San Miguel. Noe sold the land, later to be known as Noe Valley, to John Meirs Horner, a Mormon immigrant, in 1854. At this time the land was called Horner’s Addition. The original Noe adobe house was located in the vicinity of the present day intersection of 23rd Street and Douglass Street. Along with nearby neighborhood Corona Heights, Noe Valley was the site of two quarries until 1914.

Like many other San Francisco neighborhoods, Noe Valley started out as a working-class neighborhood for employees and their families in the area’s once-thriving blue-collar economy, but has since undergone successive waves of gentrification and is now considered an upscale neighborhood. It is home to many urban professionals, particularly young couples with children, and it is not unusual for a well-maintained house in Noe Valley to sell for two million dollars or more.

Traffic flow is limited – one main north access through Castro Street to Eureka Valley, one main west access up Clipper Street toward the former Twin Peaks toll plaza and west of the city, several east accesses to the Mission District through 24th, Cesar Chavez and other numbered streets, and the main northÐsouth Church Street access used by the J Church Muni Light Rail. Public transit includes the J Church, which runs down Church Street until 30th Street. The 24 Muni Bus also runs through Noe Valley. Its route comes from the north on Castro Street, and switches to Noe Street at 26th Street. It then exits the neighborhood via 30th Street.

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