Caregiver seeing how her client is doing Seniors who have on-going health concerns and limitations often prefer to remain in their own home. Self-Help for the Elderly helps make this possible by providing in-home care to these seniors. We offer a variety of types of non-medical care to seniors. We provide compassionate, senior in-home care services in the comfort of their own home. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals provides care in the privacy and comfort of our patient’s home.

Sometimes it can be hard for seniors to continue to take care of themselves when living alone. Self-Help for the Elderly provides an in-home care service to allow seniors to remain in their home independently. Our in-home care services provide companions for seniors who help them with personal tasks, household tasks, and daily tasks. Our home care caregivers are professionally trained to handle all kinds of situations, provide companionship, and help maintain a safe environment for patients. In-home care is different from home health care in that we don’t provide medical care. We will help seniors with household chores, personal care, transportation, and everyday responsibilities. We are able to visit seniors as often as needed and for however long as needed.

Our in-home care service is the perfect balance between independent living and senior care. If you worry about your loved one living on their own, contact Self-Help for the Elderly to learn more about our in-home care.