The Rental Housing Counseling Program

Senior woman meeting with agent Are you a senior or disabled adult facing housing challenges? Do you encounter difficulties with your landlord or tenant, perhaps due to language barriers causing misunderstandings? If you have housing-related questions but are unsure where to seek assistance, we are here for you.

Securing affordable housing or maintaining a residence in San Francisco can be daunting for many elderly and disabled adults, given the complex information about various housing programs, limited housing availability, and high demand.

The Rental Housing Counseling Program, supported by the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing, aims to provide housing information and support to those seeking housing opportunities and mediation services in the city. Our dedicated housing team collaborates with community partners and government agencies to offer clients up-to-date information on affordable housing, including available properties, amenities, income requirements, rent details, and occupancy guidelines.

We conduct regular virtual and in-person workshops for clients to familiarize themselves with the affordable housing list, the application process for affordable or low-income housing, senior housing options, and other relevant opportunities. Additionally, our services include interpreter and consultation support, aiding seniors and disabled adults in resolving disputes with their landlords, understanding their rights, and learning how to protect themselves.

Some of the housing-related issues are:

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues 房主/住客問題
  • Landlord/Tenant Rights 房主/住客權利
  • Eviction/Homeless 迫遷/無家可歸
  • Section 8 Questions 第8段房屋問題
  • General Housing 其他房屋相關問題

Give us a call to learn more about The Rental Housing Counseling Program and access an updated and current housing availability list. Our housing information program assistants can speak multiple dialects and are happy to help you.

Questions? Contact us at (415) 533-6899

致電(415) 533-6899 與我的房屋資訊計劃工作人員聯繫,他們通曉多種地方方言,並很樂意為您提供協助。

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Additional housing-related information and program: