Senior Care

Our senior care services offer seniors a chance to have their needs catered to. Our certified caregivers will assist them with tasks and take care of them based on their needs. Whether it’s full time in an assisted living facility or just for a few hours a day, seniors will be safe in our care.


Assisted Living

Family doctor and senior patient

When it is time for your loved one to transition from independent to assisted living, we make it a smooth process. Seniors will be provided with care and assistance during this new phase of life.


Adult Day Services

A nurse caring for a patient in house

Our adult day care program allows caregivers to take a few hours of their day to themselves. Seniors will engage in activities, will be provided with meals, and have access to health services.


Alzheimer's Care

Senior woman and daughter. Happy Asian family senior mother and adult offspring having fun time at home.

Self-Help for the Elderly helps relieve heavy tasks from caregivers by providing them with a trusted Alzheimer’s care service. Seniors are chaperoned and taken care of based on their individual needs.