Our Publications

Self-Help for the Elderly offers many publications for the community including:

Generations of Home Cooking Goodness

Learn how to cook recipes from different cultures, family traditions, and past generations. This cookbook is a compilation of recipes from our seniors, their families, and their friends. It is 70 pages of delicious recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation with love. Each recipe has bilingual translations and full color photos of each of the delectable dishes. This is more than just a cookbook with recipes, it is a compilation of stories that capture history, accomplishments, and memories.

To order a copy, call (415) 677-7600.

Golden Lines Newsletter

Every Winter, Summer, and Spring, Self-Help for the Elderly publishes a newsletter that highlights upcoming events, classes, and programs. Each issue features articles written by our staff, students, or board members about what has been going on at Self-Help and about previous events. Golden Lines is the perfect way to stay connected and informed about what what’s happening at Self-Help for the Elderly!

Annual Reports

Annual reports are sent out each year from the board of directors to give an overall report about what took place the previous year. Individual reports about programs and services are included, featuring accomplishments and stats from that year. Every program and service is important to Self-Help, and we like seeing the growth and achievements that each has accomplished!


For Self-Help for the Elderly’s 40th anniversary, we compiled a special book of our past honorees and 40 new honorees who have had a huge contribution and impact to Self-Help. Self-Help has many legends that have helped transform this organization and have contributed towards our progress. We are greatly thankful for them and would not be where we are without them!