Internet Essentials

child and mother surfing the web Technology is now deeply rooted into our daily lives and will continue to take part in many aspects from communication to transportation. With the support of Comcast, Self-Help provides a series of classes to education the underprivileged youth and elderly the functions and essentials of the computer. The Internet Essentials Program provides the opportunity for youth, the elderly and needy families to learn the skills necessary in today's world of technology.

Our Internet Essentials Program

The Internet Essentials Program provides free computer classes to underprivileged families in San Francisco and Oakland. Qualified families enjoy Internet service at home at a discounted rate offered by Comcast. Program participants are taught the basic functions and operations of the computer including how to use the computer and Internet, word processing, Internet safety, email, search engines and job searching. Through this program, participants learn to communicate with their family and friends without the physical limitations. Since 2011, this program has held 10 series with over 225 participants.

Please see schedules for our four class locations:

TIE Center
South Sunset Activity Center
San Mateo